11 Shocking Divorce Facts and Statistics

Birth control pills effect

Birth control pills affect both a woman’s hormone levels and to whom they become attracted. Specifically, women taking birth control pills are more attracted to men with more pronounced masculine features than those who aren’t taking the pill. However, masculine traits are linked to higher testosterone levels, aggressive behavior, and even higher-than-average divorce rates.

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Reason for divorce

In the 16th century France, women could charge their husbands with impotence as a reason for divorce. The convicted husbands would have to prove themselves in a public trial through successfully ejaculating.

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Marriage and child

While couples with children are less likely to divorce than childless couples, the arrival of a new baby is more likely to bring more stress and emotional distance than new happiness. Nearly 90% of couples experienced decrease in martial satisfaction after the birth of their first child.

More savings and assets

Compared to singles, married people accumulate about four times more savings and assets. Those who divorced had assets 77% lower than singles.