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It’s not surprising that chocolate is the world’s most craved food. What does it take to transform a cocoa bean into delectable chocolate? Let’s explore delicious chocolate facts, including history, myth, culture, market trends, amazing statistics, and more..

Sweet strike

In 1947 hundreds of Canadian kids went on strike and boycotted chocolate after the price of a chocolate bar jumped from 5 to 8 cents. Fact source

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Milky Way

Milky Way candy bars are not named after the galaxy. The name came from the malted milkshakes whose flavor they originally intended to mimic. Fact source

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Valuable chocolate bar

The most valuable chocolate bar in the world is a 100-year-old Cadbury's chocolate bar that was brought along on Captain Robert Scott's first Discovery Expedition to the Antarctic. It sold for $687 at auction in 2001. Fact source

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