Black pepper

Black pepper

Ground black pepper is another item, like ground cinnamon, that is practically indistinguishable in powder form. Researchers have found papaya seeds, juniper berries, pepper stems, and chaff al lurking in what claims to be black pepper.

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It's always best to but your beans whole. Sometimes, pre-ground coffee bean, but are powdered and brown. Coffee bean husks are a known culprit, as well as twigs, roasted corn and ground up toasted parchment paper.

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It's always best to get a small batch, local honey if you can. There have been reported cases that the "honey" in supermarkets has been unmasked as liquid sucrose, beet sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. Make sure that the list of ingredients in your honey has only...

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Balsamic vinegar

Traditional balsamic vinegar is aged in oak casks for years and, like wine must adhere to strict codes. Except, that now that it's become more popular, it's also become easily faked, with added sugar and caramel coloring.

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