During the prohibition, grape juice mix was sold with the warning “After dissolving the brick in a gallon of water, do not place the liquid in a jug away in the cupboard for twenty days, because then it would turn into wine.”

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History is full of curious facts and a very broad subject. Most often, it has to be separate up into several different classifications to make it more manageable. Since this topic is so broad, there is absolutely no way you can cover it all, especially not in great detail.
But sometimes those details — the little fun facts you can use to wow your friends — are the most interesting things of all. That’s why we went ahead and compiled a list of historical facts that your teachers failed to mention.

Old practice

In India and Nepal, the practice of widow burning (sati) occurred when women burned themselves alive on their husbands’ funeral pyres as a sign of devotion and love. It was meant to be a voluntary act, but occasionally women were drugged or pushed into the fire. Fact...

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Windshield wiper

Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper in 1903. In addition, women over the years have patented non-reflective glass, disposable diapers, white out, and industrial lathes, among many other innovations. Fact source

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